Oxygeneo is the Most Innovative Facial for Your Summer Skin

Summer is a fleeting season often filled with outdoor events, social gatherings, getaways, and vacations. With the abundance of activities and traveling, it can be hard to dedicate the time needed for desired skin results at home, especially in time for the special occasions that the warm weather has to offer. Check out the newest way to get your summer skin glowing: the OxyGeneo (Oxygen-AY-OH) facial, a fast, effective, low-cost skin rejuvenating solution that is perfect for your special occasions this summer (and even in the winter, too).

Your body needs oxygen to survive, and sometimes, so does your face. Over time, the build-up of dead skin cells can cause long-term skin problems that take months or even weeks to repair with over-the-counter skin care products and a regular skincare routine. Sometimes we need a more time-sensitive solution to keep us looking and feeling our best even when our skin is not. The OxyGeneo treatment provides a 3-in-1 skin care procedure for clients looking to exfoliate, cleanse, and oxygenate at once with immediate results and no significant downtime.

How Does the Oxygeneo Summer Skin Facial Work?

Here is the three-step process:

  1. Exfoliate — Removes dead skin cells. Renews the skin.
  2. Infuse — Cleanses the skin with active ingredients.
  3. Oxygenate — Sends oxygen-rich blood to the area and allows for the ingredients to be absorbed.

Some of the benefits of the OxyGeneo treatment:

  • Renew youthful glow
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Improve skin texture
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Firms skins and tightens pores

Unlike microdermabrasion, you can receive the OxyGeneo treatment the day before or the day of an event, and not have to worry about the adverse effects of more invasive skin care procedures. The results are immediate and can last several weeks.

Low Cost for Beautiful Summer Skin

The OxyGeneo treatment can start as low as $150 depending on what kind of other treatments you wish to receive. With the new addition of ultrasound, your skin can benefit from an advanced level of infusion for optimal results. Other similar procedures with more downtime can cost closer to $500 or even thousands of dollars. This Super Facial is one of the more cost-effective services offered with lasting results.

Works for Any Skin Type

Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, oily, or not, the OxyGeneo treatment does not use a vacuum device like other procedures, and therefore will not cause harm or discomfort regardless of which type of skin you have. And because the skin is not broken into, it is safe to use before or after extended sunlight exposure.

Enhance all your vacation photos this summer while feeling and looking your best with the OxyGeneo treatment. Learn more about the procedure or contact us to book yours.

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