Correcting Incontinence with Viveve

Women don’t like to talk about incontinence. It feels like a return to an embarrassing moment in childhood when you wet the bed by accident. But here’s the thing: a lot of women struggle with incontinence, and not just after a certain age, either. Women experience UI twice as often as men. Don’t fret or suffer any longer — there is now the option of correcting incontinence with Viveve!

What to Know

Urinary incontinence varies. For some women, it’s just a few drops, especially while running, laughing, coughing, or jumping. Others feel a sudden urge to go and then lose a large amount of urine. Some women experience both. In many cases, this feels debilitating and prevents women from enjoying activities with family or even sex with their partner. The exact number of women struggling with incontinence is hard to determine because of the lack of self-reporting.

Why Me?

Many things cause urinary incontinence, and some you’ve probably guessed: pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause. But incontinence is also caused by injury, congenital disabilities, multiple sclerosis, stroke, or aging. There are different types of incontinence, with two main ones: stress and urge. You have stress incontinence if you leak when you’re putting pressure on your bladder, such as coughing, and this is the most common form. Urge incontinence is the sudden urge to go. Some women have mixed, or a mixture of both. Learn more about the types of incontinence.

Correcting Incontinence

The good news is that there are solutions. Talk to your doctor about your situation so he or she can help you figure out the right option. He or she may refer you to a urologist or a urogynecologist. Some solutions for UI:

  • Physical therapy – If muscle changes caused your UI, physical therapy may help strengthen those muscles to correct the problem.
  • Medication
  • Injections
  • Surgery
  • A device called a pessary to hold the pelvic muscles in place
  • Kegel exercises (though all women should do these anyway!)


In addition to those options, we offer another treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. Viveve is a single-session, 60-minute treatment for tightening and strengthening tissue. Women describe this treatment as “life-changing” not just for incontinence but for other aspects of vaginal health as well, such as loss of lubrication or sensations during sex.

There is no need to put up with damp underwear or risk embarrassing moments. If you leak a little bit (or a lot!), contact reGenerations Medical Spa to make an appointment.

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